1-to-1 coaching only

Action Based Guarantee – If the client does all of the following requirements to be eligible for the guarantee (to show a “good faith effort”), and they do not see any change in their physical body composition in 6 months (as seen in progress photos) , Sammy Deguara  will refund them their investment amount.


In order to be eligible for the guarantee, Client must complete ALL of the following:


Have completed their onboarding call.

Have completed all check in forms (provided fortnightly) and implemented all feedback given.

Attend all check in calls with Sammy.

Track calories consistently every week OR follow their meal plan.

Follow their personalised exercise  program and complete at LEAST 3 workouts consistently for a minimum of 22 weeks (if applicable).

Complete ALL modules in the Wedshred Course (available via Thinkific platform).

Make a good faith effort to ask questions on calls, reach out to their coach when they are stuck or having any difficulties, and overall actually give this a shot.


If the client wishes to execute the refund clause, they must email wedshredcoaching@sammydeguara.com before the end of the 170th day of the program accompanied by the reasoning for requesting the refund and provide calorie tracking evidence from the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app along with completed exercise workouts in the ‘Trainerize’ app since working with Sammy.




*Although you have access to all the “Services” above, due to constraints in time, capital, or capabilities the Contractor and Client may be unable to provide all “Services”.