12 Week Wedshred Program 💍

More than just a fat loss program…

Helping brides to be lose fat, boost confidence and feel happy and healthy on their big day.

Hey lovely,


I recently got married myself and I can say with certainty that walking down the aisle was one of the most incredible experiences and I’ll cherish the memories of our wedding day forever!

An engagement is life changing. Not JUST because it’s deciding to spend the rest of our life with our person…BUT for a lot of women it’s the moment they take action on something they’ve been desiring for a long time. They invest in themselves for once knowing they deserve to feel confident, to feel healthy and to feel happy in their own skin walking down the aisle.

Every bride deserves…

- To choose the dress they want; instead of the one that fits 🙈

- To feel light, healthy and energised!

- To stand in front of the camera feeling confident & comfortable

- To fall in love with their wedding photos that will become stories to be told one day

- And most importantly, beam with happiness and confidence in their wedding dress

"Sam is absolutely amazing! The course she has created not only will help you lose weight but also equip you with the knowledge to make positive choices in regards to your health long after the course is complete. Sam doesn't just give you a plan to blindly follow she educates you on all aspects of diet and exercise and gives you the tools to take control of your healthy journey whilst also still providing support every step of the way. | couldn't recommend this program enough. | lost weight and feel confident to continue to do so independently now that | have completed the course!"

This program is for brides to be who:

⚫ Lack time

⚫ Lack motivation & energy

⚫ Struggle with staying consistent

⚫ Need help with food and knowing how to eat for their goals

⚫ Don't know where to start

⚫ Struggle with sticking to diets in past

⚫ Has tried things that haven’t worked or were not sustainable
⚫ Need support and accountability
⚫ Struggle with snacking, overeating and portion control

⚫ Want to be educated on food, nutrition and how to achieve SUSTAINABLE fat loss.

⚫Want to improve their relationship with food

⚫Needs direction and guidance from a professional nutrition coach

If you identify with any of these, keep reading!

What You Get:

Personalised macros, calories and nutritional targets, calculated to your goal and specific timeframe (i.e Jess wants to lose 6kgs for her wedding in 12 weeks).

Wedshred Recipe Book with over 50 delicious, easy, low calorie meals including pancakes, BBQ chicken pizza, satay noodle stir- fry, pesto pasta and so many more tasty meals, so you can lose fat AND enjoy the process!

MyFitnessPal/ food tracking tutorial -One of the most impactful skills to learn if you're dedicated to getting results.

Training program- Personalised to you (at home or in the gym with 3 OR 4 day options including video exercise demonstrations).

12 Weeks Access to the Wedshred course- Everything you need to know about losing fat & keeping it off (see modules below).

Home workout Library (recorded in-person workouts, all you need to do is follow along).

3 x Support & accountability coaching calls with Sam.

3 x Check ins with video feedback from Sam.

Access to Sam for support via direct messaging app 5 days/week.

An example meal plan to show you how to easily hit your calorie & protein targets.

Wedshred Course Modules

These are short, quick and easy to understand modules- All self paced learning!

How to accurately track progress, exercise guidelines and motivation tips to ensure you achieve your fat loss goals.

– A simple and easy guide on how to ACCURATELY track and set up MyFitnessPal for success (using your personalised calories & macros).

– The pivotal concept behind fat loss and how you can manipulate it to fasten your results. Learn where to put your energy to get the best results for less time & effort. 

– What to look for when grocery shopping, how to read food labels and understand what’s important and what’s not for fat loss.

– Are weekends your downfall? I’ll show you how you can manage them better to stay on track and enjoy being social without messing up your progress or undoing your consistent effort on weekdays!

– Busting all the BS myths out there around fat loss to change your current beliefs holding you back from achieving your fat loss goals.

– Two important factors most people forget about that really effect results. I’ll show you how to better manage sleep and stress for optimal fat loss. 

– It’s not the chocolate bar stopping us from achieving our goals- it’s the mindset behind eating the chocolate bar causing guilt, negativity and ultimately the overconsumption of food that prevents us from dropping fat. I’ll show you how to change this and improve your relationship with food. 

– Bonus module on what to eat drink and do on your big day so that you’re looking and feeling your best. What you need to know to ensure you’re not bloated or uncomfortable in your beautiful dress on your special day.

Don't just take my word for it…

Click to watch are they saying!

How is this program different
from others out there?

Did you know the average person tries 126 diets in their lifetime!? But for most brides this isn’t the time to test another diet. They don’t want to be guessing, will this diet be the one that works? Brides to be want certainty of fat loss- That if they stick to a program, they will see results.

This program is designed Exclusively for Brides to Be!

Here's how you will really get results:

So many programs out there give women a diet and or training program without any support, follow up or guidance along the way! They leave them on their own when what they need most is support and accountability. This is the secret to getting incredible results and implementing sustainable healthy habits.

Most women have a supportive fiancé, but after a long and stressful day will he really tell her not to eat the block of chocolate she’s about to devour? What they need is a firm but a supportive hand to guide them on their fat loss journey.

So many diets and programs out there are unrealistic. Brides to be literally don’t have the time to commit to workout for an hour each day- some don’t even have ½ an hour. So it’s about making the most of the time they do have and creating achievable and realistic goals around that. 15 minutes x 7 days = almost 2 hours of working out each week. Every minute makes a difference ☺ This is the secret to actually following a program and staying consistent!

Diets demonise food. They make women feel bad/guilty for eating food when eating food should be pleasurable. This is why diets never work!

But GUESS WHAT… Brides to be can still 110 percent get the results they’re after without restricting the foods they love!! I teach my clients how to enjoy their soul foods without feeling guilty or bad…. It’s called flexible dieting!

This Program is For You If

You are tired of feeling lost and getting trapped in the yo-yo dieting cycle.

You want to feel fit, healthy and have more energy leading up to and on your wedding day.

You are ready to say yes to yourself and wear the dress you've always wanted!

You want to look at yourself in the mirror with genuine love and happiness in your beautiful dress on your wedding day.

You want to start your married life feeling empowered, confident and as the best version of you.

You want to lose fat in a healthy & sustainable way that fits into your lifestyle!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Sam. I am a fitness and nutrition coach. I am passionate about helping women lose fat, tone up and feel confident. I have been doing this for over 5 years & working specifically with brides-to-be for over a year now.

Why brides to be? Well, as a bridesmaid for a friend I realised after going shopping for her wedding dress that it isn’t always a positive experience for women and wedding dress shopping isn’t all that it’s made out to be. I realised a lot of women have a distressing time wedding dress shopping because they aren’t confident and lack self esteem. I decided that I wanted to help brides - I wanted to make a change & a difference so that they have a positive experience not just wedding dress shopping but most importantly on their wedding day.

As a coach I am all about sustainable fat loss- no restrictive BS or cutting out foods, food groups OR making things harder than they need to be. Every client journey is different & different things work for different individuals - there is no one size fits all when it comes to fat loss. I truly believe accountability, support and education are the most instrumental things when it comes to getting results and ensuring that my clients don’t just lose fat but that they keep it off long term as well.

I also got married in September (2022), so I can relate to what it’s like to be a bride and the stress involved in organising a wedding! My wedding day was incredible and marrying my now husband was my greatest achievement in 2022. My second greatest achievement was starting up my Wedshred Coaching business and helping so many incredible women feel confident on their special day!

Are you ready to SAY YES TO YOU- A Wedshred Journey To Last A Lifetime!

From $1497 for only

12 weekly payments of USD $39 or $450

✔ Macros, calories and nutritional targets

✔ Wedshred Recipe BookMyFitnessPal/ food tracking tutorial

✔ Training program- Personalised to you

✔ Wedshred course

✔ LIVE weekly home workout

✔ 3 x Support & accountability coaching calls

✔ 3 x Check ins 24/7 Support

Most Common Fears (M. C. F)

The truth is..there’s never going to be a perfect time! The longer we take to get started the more stressful the experience and unsustainable the results will be! We can still achieve great results a few months out from the wedding, but I can assure you that the best time to get started and to enjoy the process is now! The sooner you get started the better the results will be! More time = greater fat loss! 

There are many summers to get into shape and wear that nice bikini, but we only get one wedding day!

Here’s the thing- Most women fail to get results because they follow fad diets that are restrictive and unsustainable long term OR the diet they’re following is too time consuming! Knowing this I’ve addressed these barriers in the program to ensure my clients get results and that they not only drop fat but keep it off too.

But what if it does? You won’t know unless you TRY. The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. How can you fail at something you truly want? You’ve got the drive and vision and I’ve got the direction, knowledge, accountability and support to help you turn that success into a reality.

I hear this! I’ve designed this program to work so that it is very manageable to fit into a busy schedule! Your personalised program will factor in your lifestyle including quick home or gym workouts; quick & tasty recipes and an easy check in process. You’ll learn that you don’t need much time to get great fat loss results- BUT you do need to spend that time in the most efficient & effective way -that’s what I help with ☺

I hear you with this too! Weddings are expensive- After having my wedding last year, I 110 percent get that! We spend so much money on everything else in our wedding, but when it comes to investing money on ourselves, there’s always a barrier! You are your biggest investment, and you (and your fiancé) are the number one priority! If everything else is perfect but you are not feeling great, it probably won’t be the day you’ve always wanted. This is an investment- not only for this wedding but for your health, confidence, happiness and your life! You deserve it!