Introducing the
Wedshred Code…

The roadmap to lose cm’s, drop body fat and boost confidence for brides to be.

Helping women to feel as beautiful as their wedding dress on their wedding day.

Brides to be don't have time to try another diet that doesn't work…

Did you know the average person tries 126 diets in their lifetime!? But for most brides to be this isn’t the time to test another one. They don’t want to be guessing, will this diet be the one that works? They want certainty of fat loss- That if they invest in something, they will see results.

If you were to get married tomorrow how would you feel?

⚫ Would you feel happy and confident?

⚫ Would you feel amazing in your wedding dress?

⚫ Would you love your wedding photos?

If you answered no- then you are in the right place…

Brides tend to overlook themselves before the wedding day. They buy the cake, flowers, dress, photography but forget about investing in themselves.

They get distracted by the important things… when THE most important thing is actually them. How they look and feel on this day. The confidence, the happiness and love not only for their partner but for themselves too. They deserve to feel healthy, they deserve to feel happy, they deserve to love their body and feel confident.

I can imagine how you might be feeling…

Do you desperately want to LOSE FAT and FEEL CONFIDENT when walking down the aisle

Are You afraid of not getting the results you want in time for your wedding OR you’re afraid of losing fat then putting it back on. Most people want to get toned for the summer, but we only have one wedding day, if you don’t act now, that’s it… there’s no going back.

Maybe you’ve spent an arm and a leg on diets and supplements. You might have tried ALL THE THINGS and are sick of not seeing results and feeling like you’re in a constant battle with yourself.

Do you feel like almost GIVING UP because there’s so much conflicting information. Frankly, it’s so easy to feel confused and overwhelmed.

Join a community of brides and who get results

This is the program for brides to be who:

✔ Need a simple and direct roadmap of how to lose fat and sustain results, even after the wedding

✔ Don’t know where to start or what to do to achieve their goal

✔ Need specific/ personalised nutrition targets (calorie and protein targets) to achieve their goal within a certain time frame. I.e. Sally wants to lose 10kgs before her wedding in 4 months time.

✔ Are sick of dieting

✔ Struggle with overeating, portion control and or food cravings

✔ Have tried things before that haven’t worked or were not sustainable

✔ Wants to be educated on food, nutrition and how to achieve SUSTAINABLE fat loss

You’ve never looked this great before. With the Wedshred Code you’ll…

  • Lose fat AND keep it off! Create sustainable changes that fit into your busy lifestyle. Finally, ditch yo-yo dieting for good.

  • Feel sexy in your wedding dress without starving yourself the week before. Develop a healthy relationship with food.

  • Still eat the foods you love and achieve your fat loss goals. We call these soul foods. That’s right- You don’t have to eat plain boring chicken and broccoli or live on salad to lose fat!

  • Transform the body and the mind into the most confident, happiest, healthiest version of you – long-term results come from mindset shifts.

  • Say goodbye to BS Advice and programs that the dieting industry use to rip off and mislead millions of women (and brides) all over the world.

Welcome to The Wedshred Code- Take a Look Inside

This is a short, easy to understand, self-paced program designed specifically for busy brides to be
who want to lose fat, but don’t have time to waste.

Welcome to the Wedshred Code
Take a look inside…

How to accurately track progress, exercise guidelines and motivation tips to ensure you achieve your fat loss goals.

– A simple and easy guide on how to ACCURATELY track and set up MyFitnessPal for success (using your personalised calories & macros).

– The pivotal concept behind fat loss and how you can manipulate it to fasten your results. Learn where to put your energy to get the best results for less time & effort. 

– What to look for when grocery shopping, how to read food labels and understand what’s important and what’s not for fat loss.

– Are weekends your downfall? I’ll show you how you can manage them better to stay on track and enjoy being social without messing up your progress or undoing your consistent effort on weekdays!

– Busting all the BS myths out there around fat loss to change your current beliefs holding you back from achieving your fat loss goals.

– Two important factors most people forget about that really effect results. I’ll show you how to better manage sleep and stress for optimal fat loss. 

– It’s not the chocolate bar stopping us from achieving our goals- it’s the mindset behind eating the chocolate bar causing guilt, negativity and ultimately the overconsumption of food that prevents us from dropping fat. I’ll show you how to change this and improve your relationship with food. 

– Bonus module on what to eat drink and do on your big day so that you’re looking and feeling your best. What you need to know to ensure you’re not bloated or uncomfortable in your beautiful dress on your special day.

Enrol today and receive your personalised calorie and protein targets for FREE to ensure you achieve your specific goal before your wedding day! Valued at $99

Total Value = $497

Regular Price = $297

Today’s Price = $97


Now it’s your choice… 

1- Join the Wedshed Code for just $97 dollars and have the best wedding ever 

2- Keep doing what you are doing – you might get the results you want or wish you had enrolled and joined the Wedshred Community

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I'm Sammy. I got married recently. So I can definitely relate to the excitement and stress of organising a wedding!

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor. I've been helping women achieve their fat loss goals for over 4 years now....

Previously as a bridesmaid, I saw friends feel uncomfortable and insecure in their body/wedding dress- it really impacted their overall experience on the day. This is why I now specialise in wedding fat loss for brides to be. I have the most rewarding job- helping my clients feel beautiful and body confident to truly enjoy their wedding day.

Most Common Fears (M. C. F)

The truth is..there’s no time! The longer we take to get started the more stress we will have! Of course we can achieve great results close to the wedding (see some case studies above), but I can assure you that the best time to get started and to enjoy the process is now! 

There are many summers to get shred and wear that nice bikini, but there’s only one wedding to feel and look incredible!

How can you not? Most women don’t achieve their results because they lack consistency, accountability, support; they follow fad diets and they don’t have time! Knowing that I made sure that I addressed all these topics and so much in the program to make sure you achieve the results you want!

But what if it does? You’ll have no idea if you don’t even TRY. What if it does work? How can you fail at something you truly want? If you’ve got the energy and vision, I’ve got the tools, techniques and knowledge to turn that success into a reality.

I hear this! I have designed this program to work so that it is totally manageable to do on a busy schedule and routine! In home or gym quick workouts; easy recipes; quick check ins… you won’t even notice you are using your time to get your weight loss results! 

I hear you with this too! That is why there are so many opportunities for people to do the program on different payment plans. I realised we spend so much money for everything in our wedding but when it comes to investing money on ourselves, there’s always a barrier! You are your biggest investment and you are the most important thing in this wedding! If everything else is perfect but you are not feeling great, it won’t be worth it, believe me! This is an investment not only for this wedding but for your life! You deserve it!