One time only beginning January 2024…

WED-SHRED Group Coaching!

For brides-to-be ready to start their health & fat loss journey in 2024 (who want results without it depleting their wedding budget).

This is a 12 week program for any bride-to-be who needs a kickstart to their Wed-shred journey and feel more like themselves again. If you’re a bride-to-be who wants to:

– Feel more confident

– Feel healthier, fitter and have more energy

– Not just look amazing but FEEL amazing on your wedding day

Then read on and save $500!


  • 12 Weeks access to the WEDSHRED course – Learn what you need to know about how to lose fat in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • Wedshred recipe book – with over 50 delicious, easy, low calorie meals including pancakes, BBQ chicken pizza, satay noodle stir-fry, pesto pasta and so many more tasty meals, so you can lose fat AND enjoy the process!
  • Personalised calorie and protein targets – calculated to achieve your goal within a specific time frame (i.e Mary wants to lose 6kgs for her wedding in 12 weeks)
  • A MyFitnessPal/ food tracking tutorial – One of the most important skills to learn for fat loss if you’re dedicated to getting results.
  • Home or Gym training program – including video exercise demonstrations.
  • Home workout library – recorded in person workouts, all you need to do is follow along.
  • Access to the WEDSHRED Facebook Community with Weekly Group Accountability Check Ins!


I am wary that times are tough out there and not many brides-to-be can afford one-to-one coaching right now with a wedding to save for. I want you to achieve your goals no matter what your financial position, because how you look and feel on your wedding day matters.

This is why I’m offering this package for:

$399 UPFRONT ($34/week) 

For under $30/week you’ll have all the tools, knowledge and a roadmap to get long-term, sustainable results.

Everything you need to not JUST lose the fat but keep it off. To feel healthier, fitter, have more energy, feel more confident in your clothing, more confident in photos and become your best healthiest, happiest self.

Limited spots available, once they’re full that’s it for this amazing offer until 2025.

How important is it for you to look back at photos remembering how confident you were in your beautiful dress, how sexy you felt tearing up the dance floor and entering your marriage as the best version of you?

So don’t walk – RUN at this offer!


As part of the Wedshred Group Coaching team you will have access to our weekly Zoom check ins and group support sessions. We discuss wins, provide guidance and support with struggles (more often than not you’ll have similar experiences and difficulties to others in the group), answer questions and set goals for the coming week. The purpose of these accountability sessions is to ensure everyone is in a good mindset, prepared and feeling motivated moving into the coming week.

You can choose from two start dates in January. The 8th of January OR the 15th of January. If neither of these suit- let us know and we will do our best to work with you!

Our clients get such great results, they often want to continue on longer than 12 weeks. You can absolutely stay on! We will check with you closer to the end date and see what you’re wanting to do moving forward.

Sure do! There isn’t an option to pick fortnightly payments on this page… BUT just send me a DM on Instagram or email and we can send you the fortnightly sign up link instead.